May Newsletter – New Piglets and Bunnies


Summer has arrived early in Spain this year with record temperatures in April.  It is all go, go, go, getting ready for an exciting new season.  We tell you in our May Newsletter what’s new, what’s been happening and what you should be thinking about if you haven’t booked your holiday yet.

New piglets, Peppa and Daisy

If you have been watching our daily Instagram posts, you will have seen the arrival of our new piglets.  We asked our Followers for name suggestions and Peppa and Daisy came out top.  Peppa is slightly bigger and bolder whereas Daisy is more timid.  Daisy has a white spot on her head and white patches on hers legs that look like socks. 

Although they settled in well, we underestimated how much they wanted to escape and snuffle around exploring the valley making friends with the other animals.  Several mornings we woke up to find them escaped.  Each time we strengthened their pen until we decided we had to build something new.  They then escaped from their new pen, using their snouts to burrow under the wire.  We have been worried about losing them but hope now we have the situation under control.

They seem happy in their new pen, they wag their tails and are enjoying all the left over winter scraps.

Beryl sadly has passed away.  She had been suffering from stiff legs in the winter cold and was having difficulty standing up.  One day she took herself off into the long grass where she lay down in the sunshine.  We found her when we came to put her to bed that evening.  We are all sad but she was an old lady and suffering.  She had a good life and has left us with many happy memories.

Did the Baby Bunnies arrive in time for Easter?

Bunnies are a favourite with all the children, and there’s always excitement when baby bunnies arrive.  Baby bunnies usually arrive during Easter holidays but this year they came a little latter.  Bluebell has two babies, they are past the critical 10 day stage so hopefully in a couple of weeks they will be jumping around and making friends.  We will keep you posted of any further bunny news.

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What’s happening with flights this year?

The airline industry this year has returned to providing a regular and dependable flights.   Thankfully, the disruption and chaos from last year is behind us.  But why is it so difficult to find budget flights during peak season?  Since the pandemic, capacity in the airline industry has not yet recovered to pre Covid levels.  With demand in the summer months at a maximum there is less availability, and prices go up as we compete for the limited flights left.  Booking your flights early will save you from some of the steeper price rises. 

What can you do if you don’t yet have flights booked?

Getting flights at antisocial hours in more difficult for a family with young children.   Early morning flights are better than late night flights, but they can both take some of the fun away from the holiday experience.   In view of some of these difficulties facing families this year, we are offering some flexibility on arrival and leaving dates for guests finding difficulty finding suitable flights.  Saturdays are busy, so allowing some leeway either side should make booking flights easier.

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Retreats for Parents on the horizon

Do you ever think of having a few days to yourself doing exactly what you want?  With such a glorious start to the year, we’re thinking that April and May could be the perfect time to treat yourself.  With wild flowers, blues skies and sunshine, here you can escape the outside world. 

What would you do?  Some yoga and Pilates, long walks in beautiful scenery, healthy and delicious food, a massage, read a book or simply have a break from your hectic routine and feel looked after.  Come with a friend, perhaps special one-on-one time with someone or just enjoy the time to yourself.

We are putting aside some long weekends next year for some rest and relaxation.  Small fun and friendly groups wanting to take a break to recharge. 

What would be your idea for a perfect break?  Tell us how you would spend the weekend…

Caserio del Mirador February Newsletter

This year Caserío del Mirador is introducing a newsletter to keep you posted of what’s going on.  In our February edition we talk about travelling abroad after Covid and celebrate our 20th anniversary.  We recall how it all started and remember some favourite stories about the animals.  As part of trending topics, we look at multi-generation holidays and how to make it work for everyone. 

We are so excited for the 2023 season, we can’t wait to welcome back past guests and meet a new generation of young families wanting to experience our little paradise.  If you have any friends or family with young children, please send them our website link where they can subscribe to our newsletter or our page on Instagram.

Get started and click New Adventures and New Horizons – Life after Covid. We hope you enjoy the read and it takes you closer to imagining dreamy days on holiday.

Sarah and Johnny Robinson

New adventures and new horizons – Life after Covid

It’s been quite a year for anyone wanting to travel.  Less than a year ago in March 2022, travel restrictions were finally lifted for passengers arriving back to the UK.  The airports and many of the airlines then struggled to build their operations up for the summer months. This left many passengers at the mercy of uncertain travel arrangements.  Some of our more intrepid guests navigated their way back to Spain but understandably many families with young children were more cautious.

We now have a situation where many families have not travelled abroad in the last 3 years.  Going away with a little one may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  This year, Sarah is writing a blog ‘First Holiday with Baby’.  Here she breaks going on holiday down into easy steps, making planning, preparing and packing more fun.  The blog is full of sound advice and top tips about travelling and being on holiday abroad with a baby, toddler or pre-schooler. 

Now the airlines and airports are all back up and running, travelling abroad is an opportunity to explore and have a real break.  Many will be travelling as a family for the first time. We will be reminding you why Spain is the most popular holiday destination.  Why dipping your toes in the Med is so special and why Caserío del Mirador is so unique.

Celebrate with us our 20 Year Anniversary and click to read ‘How it all started at Caserío del Mirador’.

How it all started at Caserío del Mirador

This year we are celebrating 20 years of living in Spain.  When we moved Poppy was 6, Florence 3 and Sarah was pregnant with Charlie.  Why did we sell our comfortable home in South West London and move somewhere we hardly knew?  It might seem mad, but we had found a magical property surrounded by mountains with views down to the Mediterranean coast. And we wanted to spend more time together as a family.  What started as a pretty hairbrained scheme evolved into what has become Caserío del Mirador. 

An adventure full of challenges

Every year has been an adventure full of challenges and memorable experiences.  The original challenges we faced were having no electricity, no water, no phone line or any other connection to the modern world.  But technology has worked in our favour, solar panels and mobile phones have made big advances since 2003.  Water is delivered by truck and recycled for the garden. And internet is delivered via satellite.

Other challenges were no pool terrace, or proper outside areas including our Outside Kitchen where we all eat together.  Slowly, we built all the structures and planted the gardens that took us to what we have now.

We opened to guests without any experience of running a holiday business.  Our children would play with the guest children. Lots of summer days by the pool and we would all eat together in the evening.  Summers would drift by in a sunny haze of fun and frolics.

A dream that takes you to another world

When we first saw the location, it made a massive impression and we wanted to create an extraordinary venue.  It was a dream that has grown. We still feel enormous joy today when a first-time visitor goes quiet while taking it in.  Caserío del Mirador takes you to another world, it is somewhere that we hope you will find unforgettable too.

A home for everyone

When we thought about having a holiday business we wanted visitors to feel like house guests.  As well as our home, we wanted the house to feel like home for everyone.  Where you can relax and make it your own.  Making everyone feel welcome became part of our DNA.  After a long journey when you arrive, it’s not about lining up to check in. Have a drink, have something to eat, settle into your apartment or jump in the pool.  Everything you need is taken care of, we can deal with the paperwork later.  You’re on holiday with the most important people in your life. 

Easy to make friends

The other idea was to have a sense of community.  There are a range of activities around the property that encourages interaction with children.  Once you settle in, your curiosity will lead you to explore and discover your surroundings.  You will meet other families with similar aged children, the children will naturally find it easy to make friends and play together.   It’s nice to have the privacy of your own apartment but equally good to meet other families at a similar stage to your own.

Charlie has now grown up and left home to go to university.  All three children now work or study in Barcelona.  As our family has moved on, the spirit of spending time together, days by the pool and enjoying communal meals lives on.  Over 20 years we have met many families.  Many come back each year and it’s a privilege to get to know them and see their families grow.  We watch the children shine, their confidence grow and share their joy spending time here with Mummy and Daddy.

We couldn’t have done it without you

It’s been a fabulous journey.  We feel we have achieved a great deal.  Now we are rather grandly referred to as a boutique hotel but it is still a home that we like to share.  Caserío del Mirador is recognised as a leading holiday venue and has won many awards over the years.  But it is the visiting families that brings Caserío del Mirador alive and we are grateful to everyone who has helped create the magic.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you.

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Meeting the Animals – Favourite Stories from Past Years

Cats – Rosa the Grande Dame of the house

Everyone loves the animals, each with their own personality and story. 

Rosa our tabby cat was the first resident pet, who simply turned up one day expecting to be fed. 

In Spain, they say ‘You don’t choose your cat, your cat chooses you.’  The cats love being fussed over and will often come and join you while you’re having a quiet time. 

Goats – Poly and her wonky nose

Polly and Pepe were our first goats, they came from a neighbour who wanted to give them a nice home.  

We had to clear the land when we arrived which was full of brambles. It turned out the goats loved eating all the plants we cleared, so they were a huge help.  They were also quite lovable. Polly was easy to recognise as she had a distinctly wonky nose. 

Goats love eating banana skins that the children bring after breakfast. They also love eating our roses and vegetable garden which happens when they escape.  Not so good!

Pigs – Did Cheryl find love in the mountains?

Cheryl and Beryl came from a litter in the next valley. They were tiny little things when they arrived and fast moving, sometimes able to run up the stone walls.  It was difficult to catch them if they escaped and they were heavy if you wanted to pick them up.  Cheryl escaped a few times and then one day we just couldn’t find her.  There are reports of a family of little back pigs running around in the wild close by. 

Maybe Cheryl found love in the mountains? 

Donkeys – Naughty Manuel

Lupita the brown donkey was from another neighbour, a mature single man who would pose for his Tinder profile with Lupita.  He got a lot of interest from the ladies. Whether it was Lupita or his handsome looks is something we don’t know.  When Lupita came to live with us, she didn’t have any friends.  The ponies kept to themselves. Beryl wasn’t interested. So we brought her a friend, Manuel from a local donkey sanctuary.  

Manuel was a handsome boy with high spirits.  He was head strong and wilful and used to eat Lupita’s food. 

He also used to escape when he found a break in the fence and caused trouble with our neighbours.  We noticed a lot of breaks in the fence before we realised that it was Manuel breaking the fencing himself and escaping! 

Manuel had to go back to the sanctuary and has since been happily re-homed. 

We now have Josep, a white donkey who is much more gentle and friendly.

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Multi-generation holidays – are they a good idea?

Multi-generational holidays are where three different generations of the family, grandparents, parents and their children go on holiday together. 

It’s quite a generous gesture offering to share your precious holiday time with Grandma and Grandpa.  Many grandparents will jump at the opportunity to be with family. And if they’re offering to pay, even better.  If you like the idea, then you will want to do all you can to ensure that relations stay as harmonious as possible.  A good first step is to make it clear from the start what you all want from your holiday.  

Ideally, grandparents will fit in with your family and the wider group.  They will join in the fun at kids’ tea, have a drink, enjoy dinners with the other guests, perhaps do some babysitting, help with bedtime and so on.  If the holiday is not quite what one party expects, or someone is steering things that impact your holiday then it might create tension.  So setting some ground rules from the start could be a useful exercise to save any misunderstandings.

Dinner might be a bit later than they are used to, just check they are comfortable with that.  If they can be flexibile, fun and helpful, then this is a great place to be together.  There are loads of things to do with the little ones, play with them at the swings, the sandpit or visit the animals.  Watch them interact with new friends, learning to swim and grow a little each day. 

Sharing your children is one thing on holiday, but sharing a bathroom might be a step too far.  So we recommend the grandparents have the smallest suite Vinya which opens on to the pool and after a swim the children can pop in there for a cuddle and a biscuit.  Or even have the odd sleepover if the mood strikes – does that sound tempting?  There is a large table and sofa nearby, the children can have breakfast with grandma and story time with grandpa and maybe they can collect the eggs or walk around the hillside together. 

Elizabeth comes every year with her crew and loves the wine, the birds, and is often found rinsing out the children’s swim wear, making sure it is dry for the morning. 

Peter brought his two daughters and their families, he liked lazy lunches and an evening beer by the pool.

There is Jack from Glasgow whose granny loves  her walks up and down the mountain.

And Lucy’s dad, the tricky eater who went home without losing weight for the first time on his holidays. Grateful for having been fed what he liked.  And a cook that listened! 

And the other Lucy’s dad, he likes to be busy.  We sent him off to the almond groves every evening with five children and a bucket.  An hour with the nutcrackers and he had his freshly roasted almonds and a cold beer.  ‘Best holiday ever!’

Are multi-gen holidays a good idea?  Think it through at the beginning, get the dynamic right and they can be the most fabulous experience.  When the holiday works for everyone, the children especially will enjoy the extra attention and love from Grandma and Grandpa.  Time with family is everything.