The benefits of a multigenerational holiday

Including Grandma and Grandpa on your family holiday is a beautiful way to share being with your children. It’s not for everyone but if you are lucky enough to enjoy time together, it can be a unique, precious and memorable moment in your family story.

Grandparents take any opportunity to be with their family, and a holiday is a chance to strengthen those family ties. Children love the extra attention, another adult to explore with and discover new things. There is lots to do, playing at the swings, the sandpit or visiting the animals.  Watch them interact with new friends, learning to swim and grow a little each day. Parents might like a break from parenting 24/7 and enjoy some downtime themselves, snoozing, reading, perhaps taking some time for a massage. Everyone gets to do what they want, there are no outside pressures and your family can enjoy lots of shared experiences together.

We have many years experience with multigen families and there are a few tips to keep things on track. We suggest you make it clear from the start what you have in mind for your holiday. Normally grandparents are happy to go with the flow and fit in, but it’s worth spelling it out to save any misunderstandings. They are welcome to join in the fun at kids’ tea, have a drink, enjoy dinners with the other guests, perhaps do some babysitting and help with bedtimes and so on. 

Dinner might be a bit later than they are used to, just check they are comfortable with that.  If they can be flexible, fun and helpful, then this is a great place to be together. 

Sharing your children is one thing on holiday, but sharing a bathroom might be a step too far.  So we recommend the grandparents have the smallest suite Vinya which opens on to the pool and after a swim the children can pop in there for a cuddle and a biscuit.  Or even have the odd sleepover if the mood strikes – does that sound tempting?  There is a large table and sofa nearby, the children can have breakfast with grandma and story time with grandpa and maybe they can collect the eggs or walk around the hillside together. 

As your children are growing up this is a unique time to be able to share with their grandparents. Think it through at the beginning, get the dynamic right and it can be the most fabulous experience.  When the holiday works for everyone, the children especially will enjoy the extra attention and love from Grandma and Grandpa.  Time with family is everything.  

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