First Holiday with a Baby

Adjusting to a new routine and managing the demands of a new baby can be overwhelming, especially for first time parents. Balancing the baby’s needs, your personal time and juggling work or other responsibilities is a challenge with some inevitable highs and lows.

The first few weeks of parenting can feel like a roller coaster but as life settles down, you have the opportunity to plan ahead and think about making the most of your time together as a family. Taking a break from work and your daily routine can mark a precious moment in your life and create memories that last for years to come.

While planning a holiday, remember that you have a major advantage over many other parents. You have the freedom to choose a holiday outside of peak season when the weather can be at its best. For example, Spain is beautiful in May, June, September and October, without it being too hot. Outside peak season, it is easier to find the flights you want, there are no summer crowds and hotels and restaurants have lots space to accommodate you.

Finding a Baby Friendly and Toddler Friendly Welcome

Going away on holiday might seem like climbing a mountain at first. Even going away for the weekend might feel like a military exercise. But choosing somewhere that is experienced and prepared for looking after young families makes life easier.

First baby holiday
First Holiday with a Baby
Baby holiday

At Caserío del Mirador, all the baby essentials are covered and we make sure you have everything you need when you arrive. We are a small scale hotel with spacious suites and apartments. You have the freedom to cater for yourself, or join other guests for lunches, kids’ teas and adult dinners. Freshly baked continental breakfasts are available every morning, delivered to your own outside terrace. Small scale is friendly, everyone gets to know each other and nothing is too far away.

Why it’s Important to have a Change of Scene

A holiday is a break from daily pressures. First of all, no one has to be out of the door on time, no one is going to work. There doesn’t need to be a plan, no dishwasher, no laundry, someone else makes the beds, the sun is going to shine. Being in a beautiful venue surrounded by nature, where it is calm and peaceful allows for an unhurried time together. This when you can relax and re-find your natural rhythm.

Babies love being around other children. At breakfast the children are pottering around in their PJs, they might be feeding the bunnies or playing with a new friend. Babies like to feel close to activity and feel included. The change of scene gives new stimulus and new people making a fuss of them.

After a couple of days at a slower pace, maybe you start to notice little changes. Their vocabulary grows, their confidence builds, they do things they haven’t done before while you are there to watch. These are little gems to cherish and witness firsthand, memories that last a lifetime. The simple, unexpected, happy little moments that you talk about in years to come, remember when we were in Spain and she…  

A change of scene is an opportunity for you to sit back and celebrate your journey of these last few months. Take stock of all the events, the good, the not so good and the darn right the hairy moments. Give yourselves a pat on the back, you made it, you’re here. Who would have imagined you’d be enjoying your first holiday together. On your own terrace with a glass of wine, a world away from daily distractions where new special family moments have time to unfold.

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