May Newsletter – New Piglets and Bunnies

Summer has arrived early in Spain this year with record temperatures in April.  It is all go, go, go, getting ready for an exciting new season.  We tell you in our May Newsletter what’s new, what’s been happening and what you should be thinking about if you haven’t booked your holiday yet.

New piglets, Peppa and Daisy

If you have been watching our daily Instagram posts, you will have seen the arrival of our new piglets.  We asked our Followers for name suggestions and Peppa and Daisy came out top.  Peppa is slightly bigger and bolder whereas Daisy is more timid.  Daisy has a white spot on her head and white patches on hers legs that look like socks. 

Although they settled in well, we underestimated how much they wanted to escape and snuffle around exploring the valley making friends with the other animals.  Several mornings we woke up to find them escaped.  Each time we strengthened their pen until we decided we had to build something new.  They then escaped from their new pen, using their snouts to burrow under the wire.  We have been worried about losing them but hope now we have the situation under control.

They seem happy in their new pen, they wag their tails and are enjoying all the left over winter scraps.

Beryl sadly has passed away.  She had been suffering from stiff legs in the winter cold and was having difficulty standing up.  One day she took herself off into the long grass where she lay down in the sunshine.  We found her when we came to put her to bed that evening.  We are all sad but she was an old lady and suffering.  She had a good life and has left us with many happy memories.

Did the Baby Bunnies arrive in time for Easter?

Bunnies are a favourite with all the children, and there’s always excitement when baby bunnies arrive.  Baby bunnies usually arrive during Easter holidays but this year they came a little latter.  Bluebell has two babies, they are past the critical 10 day stage so hopefully in a couple of weeks they will be jumping around and making friends.  We will keep you posted of any further bunny news.

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