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Mealtimes, a holiday highlight

Caserio Del Mirador Family Friendly Holidays


Eating is central to Spanish life, it’s a chance to sit down, relax and share each other’s company. Full of colour and flavour, even the simplest meal has a sense of occasion, a time with your family and new friends. ‘We love our food at Caserío del Mirador, eating al fresco, big communal paella lunches and elegant dinners under starry skies.’

‘A variety of Mediterranean dishes made from local sun ripened ingredients are served in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. We cater for your specific tastes, especially the little ones. Spain has a rich culinary heritage and we invite you to join us and explore and experience simple delights in the most wonderful setting.’

Caserio Del Mirador Family Friendly Holidays

Kids Meals

Family holiday mealtime

Going away somewhere different gives children the opportunity to try new things. Although being adventurous can be scary sometimes, meals like paella and different tapas dishes are hugely popular even if it’s never been tried before.

Kids tea has become somewhat of an institution as the kids generally entertain themselves and parents enjoy the moment with a beer or glass of wine. The food is freshly prepared with a wide range of choices for even the fussiest eaters. We take care that all the children’s favourites and preferences and allergies are catered for.

When you arrive you will find milk, bananas and Weetabix in your apartment, along with a few other basics so that you don’t need to venture to the shops for the first few days.

Caserio Del Mirador Family Friendly Holidays

The First Few Days

Spanish family mealtime

If you arrive in time for lunch on the first day, there will be selection of griddled cooked meats and vegetables, salads, fresh bread, cheeses and fruit. Most importantly, there will be a nice cold drink to get you into the holiday spirit. Kids tea will normally be around 5.30 depending on the ages of the children, and Saturday evening dinner is a firm favourite that guests swear they come back for time and again, delivered to your terrace with a bottle of wine so you can settle your family and relax in your own time.

Breakfast is brought to your apartment every morning at about 8am, a basket of freshly cooked croissants and buns and perhaps some fresh seasonal fruit. Your apartment will have everything else you need, butter, jams, tea, coffee, milk, cereal – you only have to decide where to sit, in the sun or in the shade? The Nespresso machine is in the bar.

Sunday lunch is paella, the speciality of Valencia. Informal arrangement can be made with Sarah regarding lunches during the week.

Kids tea will be as usual and the evening meal is generally lighter after a big lunch, maybe a tortilla made from our own eggs, some ham, cheeses and grilled vegetable.

Caserio Del Mirador Family Friendly Holidays


Caserio Del Mirador local restaurants

There are no shortage of places to eat out, either in the hills, in the village or down at the beach. Children are welcomed and well catered for. There are three restaurants open for lunch within walking distance of the house, albeit cross country in the neighbouring hamlet of Maserof – the Maserof Wine Museum, Verde Vent and Casa de Suzi.

Our local town Jalon, or in the local language Xaló, has a number of bustling restaurants that cater for all tastes, and as you move closer to the coast the variety increases. Wherever you are, there is always a local bar or restaurant to rustle up a quick snack of tapas, tostado or patatas fritas if a hungry moment takes you by surprise.

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Caserio Del Mirador Family Friendly Holidays

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