Baby and Toddler Holiday Sleeping Tips

We all love the excitement of travelling and being in a new environment on holiday. We also want some downtime and a comfortable night’s sleep.  If you have young ones that are sleeping well, everyone will benefit.  What will give your baby or toddler the best chance of a long restful sleep?

A safe separate environment like at home and following your usual bedtime routine will help. For example, read a story, have a cuddle and say good night, have familiar things around them, a sleeping bag or suit if they have one. Black out curtains and low lights if they are used to this. Try avoiding unwanted bedsharing or early waking, and a relaxing day nap.


There is space in all of our apartments for a cot in a separate room, reducing any disturbance from switching lights on.  If baby is used to sleeping in your bed, then a generous sized bed will help. A similar cot at home will feel familiar. All our rooms have wooden cots. All can have an extra travel cot to offer you flexibility as to where baby sleeps, naps, or plays for a moment while you are in the shower. You may want a cot set up outside so baby can nap under a palm tree, or have a travel cot close to your room. Or in the living room as well as the cot where baby will otherwise be sleeping.

Vinya is the smallest apartment, but there is space for a small travel cot (80cm x 65cm) in the parents room. There is a wooden cot (125cm x 60cm) in the living room, which in summer time you don’t really need or use much. For a little baby this room is the obvious choice.

Other apartments have wooden cots (120cm x 60cm). All can have extra mattresses to raise up the base level if baby is small. In the summer we add a ‘coolmax’ mattress to wick off the heat which prevents baby for getting sweaty.  All bedrooms have air conditioning but we hardly ever use it. The ceiling fans come in handy for entertaining baby. But being up in the mountains we usually get a cool evening breeze.

The new born travel cots (70cm x 50cm) are particularly cute and manoeuvrable, put baby wherever works for you, plug in the monitor and grab a minute or two by the pool.


We have pillows and duvets if required, cotton blankets and white waffle bedding.  The baby monitor is in your wardrobe, and there are electricity sockets in the bar, by the pool, and more upstairs in the outside dining area.  Extra time outdoors, doing new things can make babies feel more tired than usual, so a daytime nap will give you some time off in the sunshine!

As they get bigger, a toddler bed or a bed safety rail might stop any night wandering. A buggy is handy for an emergency nap.  Otherwise, books and teddies help.  Or just long days playing and making friends.

Go to my post ‘Your first few days on Holiday with Baby’ See how having your own apartment allows your family to find your own routine on holiday.

All rooms have black out curtains.  The sizes of the beds are listed in the details for each apartment in the sleeping section.   Apartment Taronger has the largest bedroom with a super king size bed.

Email me if you have any specific questions or you have a general enquiry [email protected]

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