It’s a little different now

Remember lazy mornings in big hotel beds, champagne with breakfast and back to bed? It’s a little different now with baby in tow.  But with a bit of planning and a little mental adjustment, holiday mornings can still be dreamy and gorgeous.

The first few days of your holiday everyone is a bit frazzled from the planning, the packing, the leaving and the arriving. There was a lot to think about, not least winding up your affairs for a week off. You will be tired, possibly a little grumpy, probably that’s nothing new.

Freedom to fall into a routine that’s right for you

But now no one has to go to work and no one is judging if you have breakfast at 6am and again at 9. And it’s just so much easier when you have your own space.  Not like staying with grandparents tiptoeing thru the kitchen at 2am to heat a bottle. Or thru a deserted hotel lobby searching for milk. 

An apartment to call your own for a week, your own fridge, your stuff strewn everywhere, it doesn’t matter.  And when you’re ready, baby is snoozing at last, and you’re showered.  You have your cup of tea or your cold beer, and then it hits you.  We made it!  We took out baby and got on a plane and tomorrow no one has to go to work. 

Enjoy the best time of the day

I wonder what the view looks like. – One big benefit of an early rising baby is the chance to watch the dawn.  If you can turn that in to a magic moment or part of a positive holiday routine, your day can start with something special.

As the sun comes up, the valley comes to life. The goats are early risers, they’ll be queuing up for their first banana skin of the day.  Surely someone will have had a banana with their porridge by first light, pop on your flip flops with your pjs and go and meet Freddie and Fern. 

Later when you settle in for second and third breakfast, remember Beryl the pig will have your Weetabix and half a jammy croissant.

It takes a little time to settle

It may take a few days to settle in, know you’re way around and start to decompress.  But it happens easier and faster if you have a few friendly faces around to point you in the right direction and anticipate your family’s requirements. 

Different aged children have slightly different requirements.  They might not use their baby gym or potty for very long.  But having one in the room can make all the difference when your child is at that stage. 

No one wants to worry about food

And food.  No one wants to worry about where or what the next meal will be. Having reassuringly predictable nursery staples, freshly prepared and almost always available – no need to apologise for picky eaters or restrictive allergies, no guilt, no judgement, your family, your holiday. 

At Caserio del Mirador, we have 20 years’ experience looking after young families.  We are there with you every step of the way.  Our job is to make sure you enjoy your time on holiday.  You may be able to take just a week away but the memories really do last a lifetime.  Taking time to be together is everything.