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A Family Experience​

Caserio Del Mirador Family Friendly Holidays

Created for Families by a Family

Created for Families by a Family

Established in 2003 by Sarah and Johnny Robinson, Caserío de Mirador was inspired by their travels with and without children. The house is in a stunning setting and is an environment where families can relax and be together, a home that is shared to give a warm a friendly atmosphere.

‘We love Spain, the people, the food, the landscape, the Mediterranean and of course the beautiful weather. This is our dream, a place where you enter another world and spend priceless moments together.’

“Over the years we have looked after hundreds of families spending their precious holiday here. Many have become good friends and we are privileged to be part of their family experience, watching their children grow year on year. Our reward is to know that Caserío del Mirador touches so many hearts and that the memories of the wonderful times stay with the children as much as their parents.”

Caserio Del Mirador Family Friendly Holidays


Make friends with all the different personalities that live with us in the grounds. Children are fascinated by meeting our pet friends. There’s no telling what reaction little ones will have when they come face to face with Beryl the pig or the baby bunnies. After a nervous start, their confidence grows with sometimes bursts of laughter or shrieks of excitement.

These are special moments, a new experience, something that can shared and treasured. Everyone has a favourite: collecting eggs from the chickens, feeding the goats, crazy hee-haws from Lupita the donkey, sitting on a shaggy Shetland, stroking Rosa the cat or playing ‘sleeping bunnies’. They are all waiting to meet you.

Caserio Del Mirador Family Friendly Holidays

Play Areas

Play area at Caserio Del Mirador
There are lots of play areas dotted around to help you discover the gardens and grounds – swings, climbing frames, a trampoline, a sandpit, or sitting on a tractor. By exploring these areas you will be walking in nature, notice stuff along the way and find things to chat about. A wonderful way to engage, discover and experience a new world together. With a little imagination, these little outings can develop into epic fun filled adventures, you can even take a picnic.
Caserio Del Mirador Family Friendly Holidays


Parents relaxing at Caserio Del Mirador Spain

The children are having fun but it is important that parents also get time off and the chance to be together. You need a break from the daily routines and be looked after yourselves, we want everything to be easy for you, everything to run smoothly so you can make the best use of your time while you are on holiday.

Once the children are off to sleep, it’s time for you to get some adult time, evening meals can be served in the comfort and privacy of your own apartment or you can bring your baby monitor and join in with cocktails and dinner with the other parents. For nights out, we have a listening service or can organise baby sitting in your apartment.

Having time to yourself can be precious too. Massages, beauty treatments and Pilates are available for some well deserved pampering. Or you may want to take a moment, grab the baby monitor and have a snooze in the sun or go for a short stroll. If you enjoy running or cycling, there are lots of different routes to explore.

Caserio Del Mirador Family Friendly Holidays

The Caserio del Mirador Experience