Stop Doing, Just Be… 

Experience unrivalled natural beauty, morning birdsong and joyful sunny days.  Relax and unwind in a calm and peaceful setting away from daily pressures.  Have the space to be yourself, reconnect and enjoy being with your loved ones.  Create memorable moments that stay with you for a lifetime.

Family Friendly Holidays

When your children are happy it makes relaxing so much easier.  

We have been catering for young families for many years. A holiday should be as easy as possible so that everyone can relax and be at their best.

Children feel at home here.  Fun activities can be shared, new experiences offer families the opportunity to connect, play and engage together. Feeding the animals, splashing in the pool and exploring the grounds.  There’s lots to do together while joining in with new friends.  

At teatime children come together around a big table while parents have a drink sharing the day’s events.

Books, puzzles and toys are chosen for each child in their apartment, allowing them their own playtime. Often similar aged children stay the same weeks. 

Babies and Toddlers

Your first holiday abroad with a baby or toddler can feel like a big step into the unknown.  Celebrating this special time in your family life can be an amazing experience.  

Take comfort that everything is taken care of.  We have many years’ experience with young families, everything is covered so you have the best time on holiday.  

We are prepared for any event, even when a favourite toy has been forgotten or mislaid.  

Read more about Taking Care of Babies and Toddlers

What’s going on?

massages and beauty

When do you get the chance to indulge yourself for an hour or so, outside in a warm gentle breeze?  The perfect opportunity for some special ‘Me Time’ – let someone takes care of you.  All types of massages and beauty treatments available.

Beaches and the Coast

Located in the centre of a peninsular with coastline to the north, east and south.  A variety of beaches from big open bays to craggy coves are waiting to be discovered.  

Walking, Hiking and Cycling

Some of the most breathtaking hiking imaginable, all on your doorstep.  Lots of peaks to climb, well loved coastal walks and traditional towns with welcoming restaurants.  Professional cycling teams love the road surfaces and wide range of routes.

Wellness for Children

We provide an enriching and nurturing environment that extends beyond physical health to include emotional social and cognitive development.  This includes

  • A safe and stimulating environment
  • Nutritious and balanced meals
  • Encouraging physical activity and play
  • A supportive environment for emotional well-being
  • Books and toys for cognitive development
  • Nature and an outdoor connection
  • Peace and quiet for good sleep and rest

Children thrive here and have unforgettable experiences laying a healthy foundation for their future growth.

Wine tasting 

Pepe Mendoza is a well recognised winery and in our neighbourhood. His wine tours are legendary.  You’ll learn about the local microclimate and how each natural element affects the subtle balance in the wine.  A range of wine tastings can be arranged with local wineries, or at the hotel for a more informal tasting exploring classic Spanish wines .


Taking time out of your busy life is an opportunity to recharge and reset.  It’s a natural time to reconnect with yourself and strengthen ties with your loved ones.  You have the space to reflect, recalibrate and bring more balance back into your life.  Pilates and yoga classes are available by arrangement.

Feeding the Animals

There’s no telling what reaction little ones have whenthey come face to face with the piglets or baby bunnies.  After a nervous start, their confidence grows often with bursts of laughter or shrieks of excitement.  These loveable personalities are the source of many happy memories.


We recognise our role in minimising our ecological footprint.  We embrace promoting sustainability in all aspects of our operation, both as parents and as an environmentally responsible hotel-

  • Off Grid Energy – 95% of our electricity is produced from solar photovoltaic panels.
  • Reduced usage of water by collecting rainwater and recycling water for the garden.
  • Energy Efficiency measures are employed throughout the property.
  • Minimising food waste by feeding to animals and composting.
  • Management of waste using recycling and limiting suppliers using plastic packaging.

By embracing sustainability, we aim to minimise our environmental impact and create a positive experience rooted in conscious and responsible practices.