Why May is Best for Pre-schoolers

The luxury of freedom to travel outside school holidays is not to be underestimated.  Many idyllic holiday venues are at their best in spring or early summer.  May is warm, sunny and the most beautiful month to be in Spain.

If you love family time outside exploring and going on adventures, here are some top reasons why to come to Spain in May.

  • Beautiful lush landscapes with wild flowers and blue skies
  • It’s not too hot to enjoy active days outside in the sunshine
  • Easy to book the exact accommodation that’s right for you
  • Avoid peak season prices and summer crowds
  • Lots of available flights

Playing outside, feeding the animals and exploring the landscape is great family time.  Nowhere is too busy, so it’s easy to enjoy lazy days at the beach and eat whatever time you like at restaurants.  Do whatever you want whenever you want.  That’s why we love Spain in May.

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