All Airports and Airlines Flying to Alicante

Don’t leave travel plans too late, as summer approaches flights become more expensive.   Local home airports are a great option for families with young children.  They are easier to travel to and offer overall reduced journey times.  Also, smaller airports are generally less busy with shorter distances to walk in smaller terminal buildings.  Facilities such as shopping and food outlets will be more limited, but this should be offset by avoiding an endless hike to your boarding gate.

Alicante is the nearest airport to Caserío del Mirador, about an hour’s drive along motorway with a short distance on local roads.  The airport is modern, well designed and easy to navigate.  There are 20 UK airports and 5 Republic of Ireland airports flying to Alicante with a variety of different airlines.

Click Airlines and Destinations flying to Alicante Airport to see if your local airport flies to Alicante, and which airlines operate the route.  The link is the official airport website, in Spanish so where it requires your country write Reino Unido or Irlanda.

Using menu options for the link, you can also check Valencia airport as an arrival airport.  It is 15 minutes further away and has fewer airlines and destinations, but might work well for you.

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