If you’re packing for a weekend away its easy to pop in the kitchen sink just in case. The thought of packing for a week or two away may feel a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  With the constraints of your luggage allowance, how much you can carry and how much you can fit in a hire car, all that adds up to probably not quite enough for what you think you need, or want to bring. So how to decide? 

Careful Planning

If holidays used to mean floaty dresses, a different pair of sandals each day, holiday beads, holiday cosmetics and a straw hat that you want to pack rather than pop on your head through the airport, then adding a baby into the mix needs careful planning.  Now your stuff is fighting for space alongside snacks, wipes and toys. And that’s before you invest in all the kit they tell you that you’ll need. A travel potty or a sun tent, inflatables and nappies. And don’t forget teddy, and spare teddy. 

The good news is that all the baby gear you could ever need should be at your hotel already. Cot, high chair, baby bouncer and baby gym, potty, loo seat, blender, and yes inflatables, books, toys and all the snacks and milk you could want.  

Get Amazon to ship a box to your hotel

Another hack is to get Amazon to ship a box load of sudocrem, factor 50, and beach ball direct to where you are going. If it works it’s genius, add insect repellent and some fancy conditioner, maybe those sandals.  We have had guests ship box loads of tinned macaroni, worried that their child might not eat what was on offer. She was eating Paella on day two and clams at Friday tea time! Other parents forget to pack favourite teddy, or lose favourite teddy at the airport. Toys R Us Alicante to the rescue.   Most important is the comfort that if you do forget or lose something, it can usually be substituted, borrowed or bought.   

PJs are great to chill out in

I think for clothing my top tip would be pyjamas.  Holidays are about not rushing.  Get out of bed and potter around a bit. The kids have leapt outside to play in the sand with their new friends or chasing cats. They don’t want to sit for breakfast yet but when they do they still won’t be dressed. PJs are light to chill out in, wander around in and once breakfast is over, it’s out with the factor 50.  They will spend more time in their PJs than you expect, and make more of a mess in them than you would like.  So bring a few. Of course a load of laundry is not problem at all but you probably don’t want to be under pressure to get PJs laundered and back on their backs within the day. 

Treat yourself to some new  swimwear

A new bikini or swimwear is something you can indulge in for lounging around the pool, and doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase. If you need to compromise, bring one or two choice frocks and some eveningwear that you can switch around with family lunches rather than bringing multiple outfits.  Flipflops are easy to pack, one pair of sandals and wear trainers or something comfortable to walk in on your journey.

Chargers and preloaded iPads

You will need electronics and chargers, counted and organised both on the outward and inward journeys.  Many a time we have found an iPad in the bedsheets after someone has left.  It’s better for hand luggage if it is all in one bag at security.  Bring iPads but preload your movies and music. Holiday WiFi isn’t often as good as at home, so don’t rely on being able to stream CBeebies. Sometimes just being overseas means you can’t connect they way you’d expect. Websites are not always available outside of their usual domain. The IP address sometimes blocks you from sites your little treasures have to have, so be prepared.  

Just in case

Then we have teddy, blanky, beaker, and nappy bag. Just as if you were out of the house for a few hours, maybe a couple of extra nappies. And something clean to pull on just in case, and a few bags to stuff with any clothes that get hit with a mishap, snacks and water. Some ‘distractions’, stickers are good, just go ahead and decorate the seat in front, the person beside, the luggage. Pens are less good because it’s so easy for them to roll off the little tray table and once it’s on the floor, you’re screwed.  If a toy is important, tie it on a ribbon around your neck or your wrist or the arm of the chair. just don’t drop stuff on aeroplanes.  

I think the other packing essential that no one travels without is Calpol or other branded medicine cabinet stuff. It just isn’t the same when you buy it abroad.  

Don’t miss the chance for a nap

I load up my kindle, I have a nice lipstick, a hair bobble or two and ear plugs in my pocket for the flight. Just as your own child nods off and someone else’s kicks off, you don’t want to miss the chance for a nap ever.  The sound of a roaring ocean or wind in the trees may take getting used to but you’ll manage.  

At Caserio del Mirador, we have 20 years’ experience looking after young families . We have tried and tested everything to ensure your family can make the most of your time on holiday. Our own children grew up enjoying sunny fun filled days and we love sharing blue skies and our Mediterranean lifestyle. You may be able to take just a week away but the memories really do last a lifetime. Taking time to be together is everything