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Book whatever flight is best for everyone. Too early and you will all be exhausted.  Too late and a delay can really mess everyone up. Mid-morning flights arriving at your destination early afternoon are ideal if possible.  There is usually a good choice to most European destinations.  Otherwise just go with the cheapest and suck up the consequences, that’s part of travelling, unpredictable days and someone getting a bit grumpy.

Bring an easy folding buggy

Online check in, bag drop and priority boarding for families make life easier. Bring a cheap folding buggy. If you are delayed or if baby falls asleep or wants to eat then the buggy is the safest place. It’s no fun carrying a sleeping baby for miles and then having a stiff shoulder for the rest of your holiday.   Worst case it’s a handy place to hang your bag, a few duty-free bottles and all your toddlers stuff.  Wheel your family all the way to the gate.

Make it fun

No amount of careful planning can account for slow check in queues, security lines and sudden last calls to gate 301. Generally, families are handled with consideration and care and its very rare for a family to have a stressful airport experience but a few tips can make a big difference.  On the day anything could happen, so keep this in mind and allow some flexibility to any daily routines, and if there are delays try not to worry, your family will manage, be a little creative and make it fun. 

Car hire

Car hire gives you independence, flexibility and some autonomy during your holiday. Don’t aim too small (suitcases and buggy won’t fit in a flat 500).  You will want to visit the beach and explore a bit, even if it’s just to buy an ice cream or a piece of cheese. Or worst case an emergency trip to a pharmacy. You don’t want to rely on anyone else for transport. 

At Caserio del Mirador, we have 20 years’ experience looking after young families . We have tried and tested everything to ensure your family can make the most of your time on holiday. Our own children grew up enjoying sunny fun filled days and we love sharing blue skies and our Mediterranean lifestyle. You may be able to take just a week away but the memories really do last a lifetime. Taking time to be together is everything.

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