Enhance your child’s development on holiday

Children crave their parents’ attention.  The time you give them provides a foundation for healthy development. It teaches a range of skills that will serve them growing up, building an understanding of themselves and the world around them. The parental bond is a unique connection. Receiving unconditional love, emotional security, and a sense of belonging is the source of a better sense of well-being with greater self-esteem and mental health. Investing in that connection will serve your child throughout their life.

Being aware of these potential benefits, you can be sure that you are making the best use of your time together as a family on holiday. It is important that while you are away from daily distractions, you use this time well.  A holiday should be an enjoyable experience and stimulate positive interactions.  

Caserío del Mirador is in a calm and peaceful setting surrounded by natural beauty. We have been catering for young families for many years. We understand that a holiday should be as easy as possible so that everyone can relax and be at their best. Fun activities that can be shared and the chance for new experiences offer families the opportunity to connect, play and engage together.

These shared experiences make for enhanced family connections with long lasting benefits for the child.  The child friendly environment prioritises and values children, allowing them to feel safe and valued.  By feeling safe, their confidence grows encouraging them to explore new things, make friends and play together.

Family holidays are a precious time for many reasons.  Our priority is to give families a rich and enjoyable experience in a safe and friendly environment.  This way we encourage everyone to feel safe enough to explore new things and free to fulfil their inner potential. 

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Johnny Robinson