Finding your home on holiday

When you feel ‘at home’, you feel at ease and comfortable in your surroundings. A Home is more than a physical space, it is where you feel welcome. It’s a place full of love with people you belong with, somewhere safe where you can relax and be yourself.

Having your own private space on holiday offers the opportunity to be together without interruptions. Our suites, apartments and villa offer families the choice to do what you want, when you want. You can fill your fridge with food from the market, chill your own drinks and be completely independent. You have a kitchen diner, living area and your own outside terrace.

A Home is in a nice neighbourhood, in beautiful surroundings with things to do and lots of facilities close by. It has a sense of community where you have shared interests and leisurely chats with neighbours.

Caserío del Mirador is a hotel in a stunning setting, it caters specifically for families on holiday. It’s small scale so everything is close by, no long walks to breakfast. Families share experiences together, play around the pool, feed the animals or explore the grounds. Mealtimes are a big part of Spanish life. They are social, fun and full of colour, a great opportunity to make friends and chat.

We love our food and the Outside Kitchen is the heart of our home. In this open space you sense all the smells, sounds and activity as your food is being prepared. Chat to the chef about the ingredients or today’s menu. Be a part of the process exploring delicious new flavours with family and friends, enjoy our communal table.

With all the love, laughter and fun, a Home generates happy memories creating a chapter in your family life. Join us and share wonderful times and make this your Home on Holiday.

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Johnny Robinson