Taking time out from daily pressures is a chance to focus on ourselves and our family.  How do we make the best use of that time and make a positive impact on family life and our general well-being?

Holidays are the perfect time for families to bond and be together, away from the distractions and demands of everyday life. Holidays can strengthen relationships, foster communication and create cherished memories.  Shared activities such as exploring new places, playing games or simply having a conversation can promote connections and a sense of belonging.

Escape to another World

Caserío del Mirador is surrounded by beautiful countryside. As you escape into another world it’s natural to just sit back, relax and enjoy being with your loved ones. Nothing needs doing, everything is taken care of.  But if you want to feed the animals or go for a swim, take someone with you and explore something new together.

Mealtimes are shared and enjoyed by the wider group of guests, giving a sense of community and friendly conversation. Freshly prepared with local ingredients, meals are a big part of Spanish life.  Lots of delicious food, healthy, nutritious and full of flavour.  We encourage you to try new dishes and experiment, nurture your curiosity that can enchant and delight.

Books, puzzles and toys are specifically chosen for each child. They promote role play, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. When engaging their minds is fun, children naturally foster a love for learning.

Give Yourself the Space to Recharge and Reset

Having the space to reconnect with yourself helps you recharge and reset.  In addition to being surrounded by nature in a calm peaceful setting, your apartment offers a private space.  It is a refuge where you can relax, rest and feel at home.

Wellness brings a healthy balance into our lives.  It helps us recognise what’s important and can bring about changes that make a positive impact now and in the future. Holidays are a natural time to recharge, strengthen family ties and go home with lifelong happy memories. We are dedicated to providing the right environment, where precious moments unfold and help create your family story.