Foodie Week, 27th April 2024

Indulge in a world full of passion and flare with deep rooted culinary traditions.  We invite you to slow down and savour simple delights. Escape big brands and convenience food.  Enjoy the value of fresh Mediterranean ingredients and traditional artisan produce crafted and elevated into delicious dishes. Foodie week 2024.

Understand the importance of providence, see where we source our food, visit our kitchen garden where sun ripened fruit and veg grow naturally.  Get a feel for the process, watching chefs at work in lively cooking demonstrations.  Meet extraordinary local artisans, visit local markets and wineries.  Learn how our local microclimate brings a unique quality to the table.  

Foodie week spain
Foodie week
Food Spain

We love simple food done well. We believe in creating the healthiest, most nutritious and flavoursome meals. Food is a big part of our lives.  We are always experimenting in the kitchen, modifying ever-evolving menus.  Seasonal ingredients and a dash of creativity helps keep things fresh, flexible and fun.  Using the best of what is available brings us great joy and offers everyone a rich dining experience.

Prepare to be tantalized with delicious tapas and local delicacies.  Join us and experience the love and special touches that make a meal a life enhancing pleasure.

Spanish food
Food in spain
Spanish foods

Places are limited so please email [email protected] for enquiries, further details and reserving your space.

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