the benefits of Taking a holiday with a baby

Shake up the routine

Taking some time off work, leaving home for a few days, shaking up the routine and spending some time together, is it worth it? 

Time together

Holidays are the special time we spend together, when days don’t need to be planned and schedules can be cast aside for a moment, and lasting memories are created.  The last few years has been a tough time getting away. Covid lockdown followed by uncertainty with flight cancellations and overrun airports has tested even the most hardened traveller.

Traveling is getting easier

It might seem daunting but holidaying abroad is becoming easier and more normal.  Traveling with your baby or small toddler offers a wonderful adventure that you can share together.  With the right preparation and planning, you can book the holiday, take time out, and catch up on some serious memory making moments.

It seems like a chore, leaving the house is a chore, going away for the weekend feels like a military exercise, how can going on holiday be relaxing?

A change of scene

First of all, no one has to be out of the door on time, no one is going to work, there doesn’t need to be a plan, no dishwasher, no laundry, someone else makes the beds, the sun may even shine.  The kids potter around in their PJs half the day.  What shall we do for lunch? Who wants to play? Any chance of a siesta, all of us?

And the days pass in a blurry round of sunshine and lunch and beautiful early mornings and lazy early nights and a few fuzzy glasses of wine and a siesta or two if you are lucky.  And it’s a change.  A change from the routine of office, laundry, nursery, put on your shoes, we are late, we are tired, it’s raining.  What’s for dinner?  Why aren’t we all in bed yet?  Did we survive another day?

Yes, it is worth it!

With life on pause for a few days, their vocabulary changes, their confidence builds, they do things they haven’t done before while you are there to watch.  And those memories last a lifetime and make marks in your family’s story.  The simple, unexpected, happy little moments that you talk about in years to come, remember when we were in Spain and she…  Who needs golf and or a walking tour when baby will be running you ragged all day anyway? Just follow, sit and watch for a while, someone else will make lunch, someone else will decide how the afternoon takes shape, take a real day off and let baby decide.

Sarah Robinson has 20 years’ experience running Caserio del Mirador, moving to Spain with her young family to find blues skies and a Mediterranean lifestyle. Her own children now have flown the nest, but sunny fun filled days still offer families special holiday time together and lifelong memories. Traveling is getting easier

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