What to look for in a Baby and Toddler Friendly Holiday venue

All the baby and toddler equipment you would expect

A baby and toddler friendly venue should have all the facilities and equipment you would expect without having to ask. Night lights, blackout curtains, baby monitors, highchairs, sippy cups, blenders, sterilisers, microwaves, etc. These should be standard so that you can relax and feel at home. Normally they would ask the age of your child and provide the right sized cot or bed, toys, games and books. 

Staff who care

In smaller more intimate venues staff will take a real interest in the needs and comfort of your family and can make all the difference.  An impromptu cuddle with the housekeeper while you take shower. A swim or a yoga class doesn’t need to be planned or booked or even paid for.  Big venues tend to be more impersonal, both in getting to know other guests and finding experienced staff who recognise the priorities of your child.  When staff know who you are and recognise you as a family rather than a room number, they care more.   This is when your family knows you have found your special place for a few years and everyone can relax and enjoy being together. 

Easy to make friends with other guests

Other guests can also make a huge difference and many become lifelong friends.  Children of similar ages, parents at a similar stage of life, and your family sharing a nurturing environment. Somewhere everyone has similar values and is aware of the people around them makes for a venue you can fall in love with. 

Stunning location that takes your breath away

Other than the practicalities, you want to find somewhere magical that takes your breath away when you arrive. Somewhere you can imagine yourselves having fun and sharing good times, somewhere different that will give you a unique experience.  You want to be able to tell your friends what an amazing time you had and take home memories that will bookmark this special stage in your family life.  That is the goal, anything less really isn’t worth the trouble.

At Caserio del Mirador, we have 20 years’ experience looking after young families . We have tried and tested everything to ensure your family can make the most of your time on holiday. Our own children grew up enjoying sunny fun filled days and we love sharing blue skies and our Mediterranean lifestyle. You may be able to take just a week away but the memories really do last a lifetime. Taking time to be together is everything.

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